Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skyrim ate my brain

I'm not even playing Skyrim, and it's taking over my life. I don't actually play video games. I just like to watch other people do it, and there's been plenty of that going around in my social circle of late.

It's just such a pretty game. And the armor for the women actually covers their bodies, you know, protecting them instead of just covering the bits that keep you from being rated R. There's much less gore (there's still a lot) than in other games in the same spectrum, and the romance plots can be hetero or homo. There's so much to love. (Heh.)

But the hours it takes, friends, oh, the hours. I watched my husband play all day on Sunday, only opening my own computer to check my email.

Beware Skyrim, folks. Even if you're not playing, it could eat your life.

And now, for a bit of shameless self promotion, you can can check on an interview with me on the subject of nano at Tracy S. Morris's blog.

What video games did you have trouble prying yourself away from?

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