Friday, January 27, 2012

OMG, You Guys! I Totally Forgot it Was Friday!

It probably has something to do with my arms being nothing but useless leaden weights dangling from my shoulders. And that's mostly because they hurt so bad every time I move them. Today they say they will not move. They were abused too much last night.

Because I thought it would be smart to sign up for a class Thursday nights. (Community Ed, I didn't pick the time.) But yesterday, I did this:
Okay, not exactly that. This?
Right, maybe this?
Okay, not so much that either.

I have the grace of a drunken cow, am not fit, and this was my first lesson. To the point where the pose resting on my hips with my arms spread as if I had grace was such a relief. You mean I don't need to climb anything or hold any weight with my arms? I'm so there. Can I do this the rest of the night? Please, for the love of dog, don't swing the rope.

The ridiculous part?

I cannot move my arms, but I can't wait to go back and learn more.

And taking the class was a whim. I wanted to do something different and the other neat-sounding classes went close to $200, so we chose the cheap... uhmm.. affordable option for this time. Now we probably won't go back and learn glass-blowing later because I want to do more of this.

So the point of today's late and possibly useless blog post is remember to check out continuing education in your area.

We have classes through the Community College labeled Community Education. Through the University we have Leisure Courses. (You do not have to be a student at either college to sign up.) We have a ceramics studio for clay. We have bead shops that give lessons, and a few dance studios around town. Living in a college town, makes us super-lucky for learning opportunities, but I'm sure there are opportunities all over the place if you just look around. (This class advertised at the Community College, but is actually taught in one of the small towns nearby.)

You never know what you'll love until you've tried everything you can think of.

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