Friday, May 4, 2012


My husband went away to a conference this week.

I have the ability to sleep when I'm gone, but when I'm here, in our house, without him, I can't sleep. The house feels wrong. Most of my sleepytime rituals begin with him. Dogs snores don't sound the same. Anyway, after a number of these absences I've begun to notice a certain degradation in my mental processes after  a few days of no sleep. More in the afternoon than the morning.

I tend to fallback on less reading, more television watching and Firefly is on Netflix Instant. Yes, I have the dvds, have had the dvds for years, but Instant is so much easier than putting a disk in the machine. I don't even have to stand up to browse the available shows.

And I'm tired already.

So.... Firefly. Random thoughts.

It's ten years old now; I've watched it half a million times. Still, I can't seem to leave the room without pausing it.

In the beginning, I hated that theme song. Hated it. I'd try to fast-forward past it (yes, I was late to the series, watching it for the first time on dvd), but Husband wouldn't let me. He'd put on his worst Arkansas twang and sing along so I really, really hated it. (I am not one of those who find the southern accent sexy. Thankfully, he's from a military family and in Nebraska they thought that accent was a speech impediment and got rid of it.) Now the song equals Firefly and I will defend it to the death.

Do not insult the song.

Talking about Firefly songs, here's another one, in that same horrible (beloved) rhythm or something close. You can tell it was inspired by:

This she loves Firefly, but I'm sure there's one out there somewhere who doesn't. My brain hurts thinking about it, though. But then I've been sleepless for days; my brain hurts thinking.

Do you love to hate Jayne or is Wash your man. (WAAAAAAAASH!)
Is there another show you love like this one? (Modern Doctor Who comes close, I think, but the short run is a benefit here. I have 14 shows to choose from -- or watch all of -- when I want to watch it again. Doctor Who has several seasons and I spend my time anxiously awaiting the new season rather than rewatching my favorites.)

Tell me how you love Firefly.


  1. I'll always love Star Trek DS9 more than any other SF series because it was the first one I really fell for. I do like Firefly, though I've only watched it all the way through once. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

  2. I love BSG. Rewatching it right now.